Frequently Asked Questions

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You asked- We have answers

How many guests does your venue accommodate?

We can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Please inquire about our flexible payment plan.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Yes! We allow beer, wine and liquor to be brought in however a TABC bartender with liquor liability insurance is required if serving alcohol.

Are there any other fees for renting Emerald Acres?

There is a $500 security deposit, which is part of the initial payment. You also must secure day of event liability insurance which is around $175.00.

Are we required to use a preferred vendor or are we free to bring in our own?

You are not required to use preferred vendors. You are free to bring in your own vendors, so long as they have insurance and are approved by Emerald Acres first.

What if it rains?

In the event of rain, we suggest reserving a tent. We have many areas to choose where to set it up. Please inquire for referrals for a local tent company. We also can provide indoor accommodations for up to 60 guests with an additional fee. 

Can our band/DJ play music outside?

Yes! All outdoor music must end by 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 10 pm on Sunday and weeknights. The decibel level must be 85 or lower.

Will there be more than one event going on?

Absolutely not. When you rent our venue, your special event will be the only event that day.

Are we required to use a wedding planner?

No. Our venue aims to serve DIY brides. Although your wedding coordinator is welcome, you are not required to have one.

Am I allowed to bring in my own decor?

Absolutely. It's your wedding your way and you are allowed to bring in your personal decor, so long as it does not damage our facility- no staples, tape, tacks, nails, or glue guns may be used to affix items to our personal property.

What can we use for our grand exit?

We allow sparklers (as long as there is no burn ban in Hays County), rice, real rose petals, bubbles, etc. We do not allow faux rose petals, confetti, or items that will litter the property.

Are we responsible for clean-up?

Yes. You are responsible for all clean up during your event time. All personal property and decor items must be removed, and all trash must be picked up.

Does the rental time include set-up and clean-up?

Yes, it does. All set-up and clean-up must be done between the rental hours. You may purchase additional hours. See under Extras in the Packages section.

What is the role of the on-site manager?

Emerson Acres will have one on-site manager present throughout the event to assist with any venue-related questions or concerns and to supervise the property.

What if I need to cancel?

We recommend purchasing Wedding/Event Cancellation Insurance, which would cover any unexpected events. Please check with your individual insurance carrier for specific details.

Do you offer any rental discounts?

Yes! We offer discounts for both non-profit organizations and active military. Please contact us for more details.