Emerson Acres on Onion Creek is a culmination of our blessing, vision, heart, and hands. Formerly known as Summerland Onion Creek, Emerson Acres has undergone an extensive face-lift, remodel, transformation, and new name. Originally being Summerland Onion Creek, the beautiful property was once home to Springs Enrichment Academy, an intimate, country school with outdoor enrichment. Mundy Emerson, formerly known as Mundy Morgan, built the school from the ground up. The little school flourished as Mundy's children grew. As her children aged out of the school, Mundy wanted to continue sharing the beauty of the property with others and was told by many that it was was the perfect backdrop for yoga retreats, company picnics, birthday parties, and most of all, weddings. Mundy has dreamed of planning weddings since she was a little girl. Feeling it was her calling, she began transforming the property from country school to wedding venue. Mundy's daughter decided it was the perfect place for her wedding. The guests marveled at the beauty of the site, even in December. However, after her daughter's wedding, the area was hit by several devastating floods in a three year span. There have been several efforts at clean-up with over 20 huge trees destroyed and another upwards of 50 trees washed onto the property. Although the house was never flooded, it was the perfect time to just redo everything. A large covered outdoor veranda was custom built on the back deck overlooking the property, and trails, pond, waterfall, and stream were all reconstructed. We would love to share the love and this little slice of heaven with you. The property has captured and held our hearts. Please schedule a tour to experience the magic.



"Too blessed to be depressed"


Jimbo and Mundy Emerson

Wedding Venue Managers

Jimbo and Mundy Emerson married at Emerson Acres on Onion Creek on April 4th, 2020. After years of trying to accomplish her dream through sweat, tears, heartbreak, and two devastating floods, Jimbo came back into Mundy's life after 30 years to devote his love and time into making Mundy's dreams come true. After all, her dreams became his dreams. Together they combine the creativity, vision, heart, and hands to finally create a breathtaking palette for you to design your dream wedding. Mundy has coordinated several weddings, as well as running a school, Springs Enrichment Academy, and building several homes from the ground up. Jimbo and Mundy both share their love of nature, creating, building, and sharing their love with others.

Sunday McClung

Wedding Venue Coordinator

Sunday McClung married her sweetheart  on the property in 2014 when the property was still Summerland Onion Creek. With her wedding being in December, she still wanted an outdoor wedding, but was prepared for the worst. She used a tent, but the weather ended up being perfect. She and her husband said their "I-do's" under a hand-made cedar arbor set among the oaks. She was able to decorate the trees and grounds with her own ideas, and took advantage of the pond's bridge to walk across and the open fields to bring in her beloved horse for photo ops and to share her special day. As her home during her teen-age years, Emerson Acres holds a special place in her heart and she is excited to help other brides accomplish their dream wedding with the natural beauty of the property as the backdrop. Sunday McClung also brings her expertise after working for several years as a wedding coordinator assistant in the Dallas area, doing marketing, social media, and working closely with brides and vendors.


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